10% proceeds go to Kangs Select Boys & Girls Basketball programs

Soka Prefect

We're just a small design and marketing team that's delivering fresh gear for the everyday wear.  We started by launching a line of gear - t-shirts, hoodies and sticker packs - in support of Lake Washington's Select Basketball program.  The idea was to refresh the LDUB logo to bring a modern, bold twist to it.  We wanted to push it and give the kids (and adults) a fresh new take on LWHS Kangs gear. 

We worked with Lincoln Design Co. out of Portland to develop a new look logo and we believe we delivered a winning design.  Lincoln Design, you ask?  Well, just one of the dopest design houses in Portland who work with Nike, Adidas, Nerf, Hot Wheels, ESPN, etc.  They bring FRESH to life and have been for some time. 

Check 'em out:  http://www.lincolndesignco.com/

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