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New Look | New Logo


Developing a new look logo doesn't happen overnight.  It takes vision, discussion and creative excellence.  That's why we chose to develop the new LDUB Kangs logo in partnership with Lincoln Design Company, a group of hip designers out of Portland.  They do some kickass $H!T for the likes of Nike, Adidas, Hot Wheels, Nerf, WWE, etc.  Lincoln consistently delivers on point designs and a level of cool that's uncompromising. 
We have always appreciated Lincoln's work and now we're using their creative spirit to modernize the LDUB logo. It was a fun process and we've landed in a good spot.  See some of the early work below...
Show your spirit and grab some gear in the store and keep rallying around campus to establish this logo as the school endorsed look.  Let's petition for a new, modern look for the programs and school.  It's time!

Go Bold, Go Strong, Go Kangs!!!







Early look at single color and final logo... 


Setting up the running Kang...


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